Select photography provided by Nelson & Pade

Who We Are


Swanky Roots is a local, family-owned business that was founded in 2016 by Ronna Klamert and Veronnaka Evenson. Veronnaka graduated from Montana State University in 2016 with degrees in Plant Science and Agricultural Education with a minor in Biology Teaching. 

Ronna has always loved gardening and through some research the mother-daughter duo decided that aquaponics would be their best option to combine their passions. Ronna and Veronnaka wanted to produce clean, fresh, naturally-grown produce for their families. They soon decided that they couldn't keep their delicious product solely for themselves!

Veronnaka will utilize her teaching degrees through providing tours and outreach to the community. Contact us today to set up your tour or for more information about our unique business!


How We Got Here

Swanky Roots was once only a dream. Today, we have made it a reality through hours of training, construction and good old fashioned hard work. Click on the button to the right to hear Veronnaka talk about this dream!

The name “Swanky” comes from Ronna’s maiden name “Swanke”

We will provide year-round produce, which means we get to work in a temperature-controlled greenhouse all year long. With the winters seen in Montana, who wouldn't love this job? Listen to Veronnaka's opinion below.

 An aquaponic system isn't difficult to maintain but there are daily and periodic tasks that must be done to ensure a healthy system.

Ronna and Veronnaka have worked closely with Nelson and Pade throughout this process, including attending trainings and certifications. The video above shows a typical day working in an aquaponics system.