What We Sell

We offer fresh greens year all year long! Please stop by our storefront to see what varieties we have available as there is some variation on what we have available. We are working hard to get into your local grocery stores and restaurants !

Check out our Varieties page to learn more about the different varieties !

  • Leafy Lettuce

    • Green and Red

  • Oakleaf Lettuce

  • Butter Lettuce

  • Summer Crisp (Bativia)

  • Kale

  • Rainbow Swiss Chard

  • Herbs*

    • Mint

    • Fennel

    • Arugula

  • Edible Flowers

    • Nasturtium

    • Calendula

    • Limited supply

  • Bok Choy*

  • Cabbage*

* can be limited availability

Swanky Mix

Swanky Mix